Kenan Wang has been continuously mastering product design and production while carrying on professional research and study.

In the first few years after his Master of Design, he participated in several competitions and
exhibitions. A few recognitions were received, which triggered his exploration of design,
craftsmanship and production. The experience of studying and teaching at the University
Technology Sydney has brought him into a close network with the best designers, makers and professors in the design fields, provided the opportunity to absorb a lot of knowledge and experience from different types of design. Previously working with Australian designer Adam Goodrum, he was heavily involved in multiple projects commissioned by international furniture companies of great renown. The final results, from design, prototype making to production line management, was all done in their studio.

With his background in transportation design, Kenan Wang always insists on a comprehensive understanding and mastery of design and technology, from the beginning of drawing and design composition, prototype making, all the way to oil clay, three-dimensional scanning, reverse engineering, A-class surface processing, multiple head CNC and rapid prototype. He also continues to pursue industrial 4.0 and improves the research and operation of all aspects of the product design.
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